Thursday, November 22, 2018

Geordie's Platter

My mother would have been proud of me. Just cooked a big dollop of pease pudding, Geordie style and a very tasty cottage pie...Kempie style. Out of his world, or as some might say "yummy yummy", not my favourite word to sum up my exquisite cooking, but some seem to like it. A few beers tonight should add the finishing touch


Brings back the rhyme:
Pease pudding hot 
Pease pudding cold,
Pease pudding in the pot,
Nine days old.

Not exactly Lord Tennyson, but brings back a few memories all the same. Remember taking fresh pease pudding and freshly cooked ham stuffed into a stotty (Geordie loaf) down the pit when I was a young bairn of 16. My pit pony, Jackie, loved them. Not sure who farted the most, me or Jackie.

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