Friday, February 6, 2009

Hips O' Steel IV

Hips O’ Steel IV

3 weeks Post Op
I know you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats wondering how yours truly and the new hips are doing. Well we’re doing just fine. 30 sutures (metal clips) out on Saturday and the wounds are A1. Dressings were removed on Thursday and no longer required. Told-off by the surgeon for trying to walk without my cane, said I must stick with it for at least 2 more weeks. Have lost another 2 kg (4.4 lbs to you imperial lot) which all helps me and my hips get along that bit quicker.
Driving and golf are still a way off yet but walking (hobbling) towards that time. Maybe 4 more weeks will see me there-abouts. Have been a good boy with the booze, none since before the op. Although I’m edging towards a nip or two of Jameson’s as a nightcap, purely for medicinal purposes you understand.

Sleeping has been the bug bear, having to lie on my back is unnatural for me and is very uncomfortable. Trying not to use the sleepers as much as I can but sometimes it’s necessary. Not that they help a great deal, still consider Jameson’s as the drug of choice. Watched the Toon/Mackham game last night, now there’s real pain! A few hip operations wouldn’t go a miss there, and maybe a lobotomy or two also
Ok gotta rush (I wish) hope you are all well and not letting the weather or economical crisis get to you.

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