Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hips O' Steel V

Hips O’ Steel V

Just to keep you in the picture re the hips. Saw the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday and he seemed pleased re my progress, wasn’t happy about the suggested game of squash. Said I could walk without the stick while around the house but take it when I venture outside walking. I need it more to fend off the dogs around my streets as much as I do for stopping me falling over. (memo to me: buy a catapult!)

March 2nd 2009 – 6 weeks Post Op
I am to see the OS again next Friday 13th, strangely enough the last visit was Friday 13th also, wonder if his first name is Jason by any chance, being meaning to ask him about the white mask he wears. I was expecting him to give me the ok for starting golf and hopefully driving, but, 4 days ago my right knee blew-up (blood everywhere!!) the size of a balloon and painful as hell. I went straight to the hospital.
At first they were worried about thrombosis, which is not uncommon after a hip operation, but an ultrasonic scan ruled that out but showed gallons of water around the knee joint. Then a straight x-ray showed arthritis of the joint which had flared up causing the swelling. Not much to do but get an injection, more pills and complete rest of the joint. He said that maybe the extra exertion on the knee joints, because of the hip situation, was too much. So that has slowed down my planned progress by quite a bit. In fact I am only now starting to hobble around once again with the aid of the stick…what a bummer!!!
But life goes on, albeit at a more sedately pace. So looks like golf is on hold as is driving for sometime, I reckon for at least another month, maybe more. Let’s see what ‘Jason’ has to say next Friday. I hope he doesn’t advise replacing the knee joints as well, or I’ll never get through the airport scanners. Not that I would be able to afford to go anywhere at the moment, or indeed ever again, what with the money situation and cost of bodily spare-parts……

March 14th 2009 - 8 weeks Post Op
Visited the OS clinic yesterday. Thankfully the knee has returned to it’s normal size and is no longer a problem. But will continue the anti-inflamatory medicine for another week. That apart he is well pleased with the progress and unless I have any problems he wants to see me again in one year for a follow-up x-ray! I was a little stunned, felt like someone had kicked my walking stick away. But gotta say, I am at the moment feeling confident about the whole affair and continue to make good progress. Mustn’t get too cocky though!
He did advise me to start swimming and do my exercises in the pool, I have found this has helped a lot. I am also walking up to 1 km with the cane. Ok maybe a little without the cane but I didn’t tell him this. I had a dry run trying to fit into the car, maybe next week will see me there. Golf is my next target, he tells me that’s not too far away, (he must have seen me on the tee box!)

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