Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's All Too Much!

It's enough to pull your hair out! Decisions, decisions, and more decisions! Pressure after pressure and after even more pressure! Why is there such a demand on my life, how am I to cope with all these complexities thrust upon me unwanted, uninvited and totally unnecessary. At a time when I ought to be reaping the fruits of my hard earned retirement, having battled through the rigors of adolescence, married life, fatherhood and bloody hard work here I am tense, tired and stressed out.

Why you may ask (or may not!) What is the cause of such mental anguish from a normally placid, tranquil and ordered mind? It's the sodden Olympics, that's what! Why so, you may further inquire. Because in years gone-by when the Olympics were broadcast on the telly, life was easy, there was only one channel to watch and a little later on maybe one or two more at the most. Now, thanks to the wonders of satellite TV and streaming on the internet there is a multitude of events to be watched and most at the same time. Add to this golf, F1, football and others, the result is cranial confusion!

Well I suppose I can last out for two weeks when things should settle down and relative calm descends. I'll be challenged by more manageable tribulations such as; should I just have 2 bottles of Leo or go for the promotion, how shall I cook my eggs in the morning and one slice of toast or two. Ah! The good life!

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