Friday, April 3, 2009

Hips O' Steel VII

Hips ‘O Steel – VII (Driving)

1 Weeks Post Op
Just a last quick update re the galloping hips. Driving and getting around much better, still cautious with the getting in and out,the Suzuki’s wee bit compact in the driving compartment area so need to slip in a little gingerly. But once ensconced, eat yer heart out Lewis H!

The golf is not so progressive as the driving but hitting the ball well and even bringing the Driver into play which I had abandoned several years ago as a waste of time and energy, but starting to put it through it’s paces again with some positive results. Have to be careful with the golf and not let my new found enthusiasm carry me away. Feel some pain after each session, finding muscles and ligaments which are still on the road to full recovery.

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