Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why is life such a bitch sometimes?

My bestist buddy had been home in UK for only a few days and goes and pops his clogs! Not a bye-your-leave, nor a "farewell fellow traveller" not even a "you can have my 3-wood if I don't come back". Totally inconsiderate and downright shameful, that's what I call it! How did he think I was going to survive without the bars of Cadbury's Bourneville chocolate or worse still the packets of Plain Chocolate McVities Digestives he always brings back for me. Who was I now going to thrash on the golf course the 3 days a week we played together and now I won't have the satisfaction of telling him I used to cheat!

Why is life such a bitch sometime?

Went to the Gymkhana Club to empty his locker (and steal his balls) as requested by his son Steven in U.K. Before I could even get near the locker the management were there taking photos of the content and asking if I had had permission from my friend's son to remove the contents. Several packets of tees, a few balls, 1 half-decent set of clubs, a sweat stained hat and smelly golf shoes. I was furious! Was I about to 'steal' my dead friends belongings? A friend who I have played golf with, drank beer with for years, looked after when he was ill and prayed for when I thought he was on his last legs before going home last year. 

Why is life (and some people) such a bitch sometimes?

On the other hand I have to thank the management at the Riverside Condo and his landlord, David, for the help and kindness they showed when I turned up at his apartment to begin the painful task of sorting out his bits 'n' pieces. Believe me the contents of which are worth considerably more than the contents of that grubby old dilapidated locker at Gymkhana. No photographs except the ones I took, no proof of authourisation needed from his family, which by-the-way I had with me, I was left alone to prepare an inventory of the apartment for sending to his son for his decision on their disposal. I must confess to the 'stealing' of 2 of his chocolate bon-bon candies, It had been a long day. 

This time life wasn't such a bitch!

God rest your soul Mr Jim, I will miss you bonnie lad

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