Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Moments of Magic

Returned, from my self imposed exile and soul searching, due to popular demand, (thanks David!) to once again take on the responsibility of delivering the coup de grĂ¢ce to my would-be suicidal readers. Although given what's happening in current world events they need little help from me. Notwithstanding these gloomy times there have been a few moments of magic:

The latest being the great win by Chelsea winning the European Cup, congrats to the team and their loyal supporters, must confess I had written them off. Seems the 2-0 drubbing by 'The Toon' did the trick! Come on ye Blues! Not to forget a word of solace for the Spurs fans, "heads up you still have Harry".

The Chiang Mai Immigration On-Line Queue System was given a try-out by yours truly last week and worked like magic. In and out in 30 minutes, amazing! What used to drag on for hours and sometimes into the next day has been streamlined into an efficient, painless and almost pleasurable experience. At a time when the volume of visitors, mainly due to immigrant workers, has expanded three-fold I had no time to open my book and switch on my music. Well done everyone you deserve our applause....and now the 90 day reporting fiasco?

The £ (or ₤) peeped into 50+ Baht for a short while last week, sparking a frenzy of shopping lists, holiday arranging and plans for a new car. Alas it was short lived, dipping once again into the 40s and bringing with it fears of the impending gloom associated with the Greek crisis.

A cross-section survey of 10,000 people in London, made up of a representative sample of local citizens consisting of Afghans, Albanians, Pakistanis, Indians, Poles, Iraqis, Somalis, Bosnians, Turks, Moldovans, Latvians, Lithuanians, Bangladeshis, Ethiopians, Russians, Congolese and Zimbabweans were asked if they thought Britain should change its currency and adopt the Euro......99.9% said no, they were happy with the Giro.


  1. john francis daltonJuly 24, 2014 at 12:25 AM

    kevin my friend, if you allow me to say so, in the space of a few minutes reading your ramblingsi have gone from a level of sadness at the loss of your buddy jim to smiling uncontrollably.this is my 1st time seeing your "stuff" and i hope this does not suffer too long till you are backgive lots of joy and laugter and smiles to your many friends. we need someone to keep the light switched on and remind us of the joy of FRIENDS. obviously Jim with his infectious personality ha had a huge bearing on you and his passing leaves a hole in your life. but please step up and keep his spirit alive and in our hearts with your own brand of happiness in life.


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