Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What's it all about!

Have you ever been in a position (No, not that position JJ!) when you say to yourself “What the f****** h*** (flipping heck) am I doing here!” I don’t mean here in Chiang Mai, I mean here on this God forsaken planet! That’s if you believe there is a God to have done the forsaking in the first place. I have travelled extensively around Arabia, Asia and the back streets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and had many a reason to doubt the ‘Maker’s’ existence. My Irish catholic mother (bless her) would be turning in her grave, to hear her only, ex altar boy son utter such heresy. But doubt has a lot going for it.

Without going into Tsunamis, Middle East conflicts and Newcastle and Sunderland derbies, there are countless, seemingly insignificant, experiences anyone of which is qualified to sow those nagging, irritating, inconvenient seeds of doubt in, what is already, a confused mind.

Where was the descending finger when I asked for another pint of the devils brew in my local the other night and ended up serenading the ugliest Lady of the Night to be found on the backstreets of Chiang Mai. Or the time on the golf course when I chose the wedge instead of the 9-iron and plonked it straight into the water. Where was He I ask! And so on, and so on...

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