Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Journey of a Lost Soul

23 October 2018
Starting this diary on my smartphone to hopefully help me get a grip on the weight problem. Also to put some thoughts down on paper in case Alzheimer's kicks in, God knows everything else seems to be. Yesterday's water-fast was quite successful, made a bit of a pig of myself around midnight though! Will try again today, hopefully it will be as successful if not more so.

Read up again on my health check-up report from Rajavaj hospital re. a few possible problems, which I won't go into. The weight problem was again highlighted, especially with the gout playing up, how many times do I need to be told!! Happy, though that the new medicine for the osteoarthritis in the knees seems to be doing some good.

Have I had such a great life that I deserve all this comeuppance? It's all relative I guess. Some would say I got a raw deal, others may say I got off lightly. 
Need to dig out the "Easy Way to Lose Weight" book. Was a great help the last time. So why did I stop? Good question.

Still on my bed at 8 am, this new smartphone has a lot to answer for.

Feeling quite peckish, tried drinking water, then drinking more water, talking to myself, even having a haircut, but it was the KFC that finally did the trick!

Weight: 117 Kg/257 lbs/18.4 st (and for those who haven't caught up yet): 2.3 cwt!

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