Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hips O' Steel II

Hips o’ Steel II

2 days to go
Working my way through the many mini ‘to do’ lists I’ve made out; order taxi, adjust the house, haircut, toilet seat arrangements, etc, etc, etc. Been trying to reduce the flab over the past few months to help make the extra weight on the arms and legs a little less after the op. Managed to come down 8kg but a wee bit short of my target of 12kg. Maybe the next couple of days may see a kg or more if I knuckle down to it.
Played my last game of golf on Monday, badly, said goodbye to my lovely caddy Pin, a petite and beautiful hill-tribe girl (Aka) she’ll be a big miss. She said she would wait, but don’t they all! It felt like I was off to some distant land to fight for some lost cause, could almost smell the grimy station and hear the hissing steam from the train. “Farewell my Lovely”. Silly old bat!

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